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Residential Bird Problem

Gulls Nesting in Residential Area

Residents were suffering from lack of sleep which started to causing health issues due to very loud noise nuisance being created by gulls nesting, roosting and sitting on roof areas.

There also started to become a serious risk of injury to residents due to aggressive gull behaviour which increases during breeding season and residents were unable to use their external roof terrace areas due to aggressive gulls.

Project Overview

The area of concern was a large residential area consisting of numerous large 5 storey houses and an adjacent road with numerous houses which gulls took to settling on.

Our Solution

NBC worked with the client to create a residents gull action & management plan. This involved the client contacting all the residents throughout the area and obtained over 25 residents who were willing to participate in the funding of a bird of prey programme of regular Harris Hawks & Falcons flown freely throughout the entire estate area. The birds of prey act as a natural deterrent to the gulls who see it as a threat and will avoid nesting in the area.

Due to the project being carried out throughout a residential area, NBC met with and spoke to the numerous residents and built a very good rapport and demonstrated our high levels of customer care and professionalism. This included interaction with the local children and their parents.

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