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Rat Infestation

Rodents causing problems for site and surrounding properties

An uncontrollable infestation of Brown Rats on the verge of a serious risk to health, not only to the site staff but visitors to the transfer station, left site management concerned by the level of service, they had been receiving by their current pest control provider.

The site was receiving several complaints from neighbouring properties and residential estate due to the large rodent population.

Project Overview

We provided the site with a consistent approach, we had to start at the beginning with a new site installation, 80 monitoring stations were installed across the site. To ensure consistency something, the site did not receive with the incumbent supplier we provided the same operative to attend site on a weekly basis, an operative with NBC for 4 years with over 25 years’ experience in the pest management industry.

Our Solution

As a result of weekly visits, strong achievable recommendations, not only have we significantly reduced the population, but the client has also no longer received any complaints from the neighbouring properties and residential estate.

The site originally set up for a 4-hour weekly pest management visit, we have now been able to reduce to a 2-hour monitoring visit providing a significant saving to the clients P&L.

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