Rabbit Control for Water Management

Preventing damage caused by Rabbits

Project overview

The site had been in use since the mid 70’s located within a rural setting of Oxfordshire. The population of rabbits have been left for a few years now at undesirable levels causing significant damage within the property boundary. Particularly surrounding the filter beds.

Because the population has been established for several years the warrens under the filter beds were extremely large and raised a series of concerns surrounding the safety of the bed structure.

Our solution

NBC consulted with the client and agreed three days of scheduled works advance in time, this allowed for the working area to be cleared of any plant and materials stored.

NBC arranged for the delivery of Type 1 MOT Aggregate and Topsoil to be delivered a day early ahead of schedule.

With the use of a structured ferreting programme, we were able to evict any rabbits within the warren, once satisfied the warren was clear, we then backfilled the warren with the Type 1 MOT Aggregate, installed two layers of rabbit mesh 1.5 inches below the surface of the filed warren pegging the wire into the surrounding soil where we then covered in topsoil. In Spring we will revisit the site to lay grass seed to completely restore the area.

By lowering the level of mesh, we have reduced the risk on contact with mower blades in the future.

The project was completed ahead of schedule with success, the warrens were backfilled and by mid - late spring there will be no indication they had ever been there.

The population of rabbits has since been reduced; we now complete a monthly rabbit control management review of the site encouraging the rabbits to choose an alternative territory.

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