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Preventing Pigeons During Refurbishment

Pigeon Problem for Building Refurbishment

We were contacted by our client who were starting to refurbish a building which had been unoccupied for some time and feral pigeons had been using this building as a nesting ground. There were several areas around the structure of the building where birds could land and roost such as windows ledges, the triangular pediment and the roof ledges. In substantial quantities bird faeces acidic matter can even cause damage to the fabric of buildings which in turn, leads to higher cleaning and repair bills.

Our Solution

Our recommendation was to install a bird wire system to ledges which is a cost-effective, extremely versatile and totally humane bird deterrent system and is easily adapted to fit almost any building or architectural feature. When properly installed, a bird wire system is extremely difficult to see from just a few metres away.

The wires present a physical barrier to the birds’ normal landing behaviour and even if they do find a way to land, the unstable feel of the wires will deter all but the most persistent birds.

The work was completed over two separate stages. The first stage was drilling 5mm to attach plastic bases to the surface and stainless steel posts then inserted into each plastic base.

The second stage was to install the springs and the wire onto the posts. The standard springs are hooked onto the posts and nylon coated bird wire is then fixed into place.

This anti-perch system prevents the pigeons sitting and nesting around the ledges of the building which will protect the building against damages and the occupants against the health risks associated with pigeons and their excreta.

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