Preventing nesting pigeons for Shopfitters, Kiwi Design

Providing a solution for nesting pigeons before a refurbishment

NBC Environment were contacted by Kiwi Design to advise and provide a solution to prevent historic issues reoccurring with pigeons nesting, roosting and defecating faeces which are hazardous to human health on three roof areas.

Kiwi Design wished to refurbish the front of the building to a much higher standard to what it was but was unable to due to the amount of guano mess and pigeon activity. This would have held up the project had it not had been noticed.

Project overview

Guano and nesting materials found across the store front created an unsafe working environment for the operatives asked to refurbish the front of the building. It is also would have meant a less superior finish to the filling and painting that our client needed to do.

The concern from Kiwi Designs was that they had a project to oversee and they needed NBC to fit within the timescales of that as any delay to the project would have been carried significant inconveniences and cost.

Our solution 

NBC put in place a program of works for Kiwi Designs that included a full clean and sanitisation of the store front prior to scaffolding going up. This created a safe working environment for the surface to begin carrying out the work they were tasked to do. A 50MM drop net was installed down the front of the building, encapsulating the bay window roof on the front to protect the investment made on refurbishing the building. Secondly it also created a nicer environment for the end clients’ shop front by not having guano and pigeons roosting in the area.

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