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Pigeons Plaguing Properties

Pigeons roosting on the lip of the roof – causing fouling

Our client has a number of properties in and around the Yorkshire area including houses, flats and high rises. A particular property in the Sheffield area has had continuous issues with pigeons fouling on and around the building. This resulted in not only numerous complaints from residents but also a health and safety issue from the diseases it leaves behind.

Our Solution

On visiting the site to look at a solution the situation was a little more complicated than first expected. From an installation point of view the property and its surroundings were too great and large for a typical MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) so therefore we had to look into working with a local scaffolding company to help us on the project in order to gain access to complete any works.

In addition to this the birds in question were also sitting on the window ledges of the properties making it very unsightly when customers come to open their windows. The feral pigeons were a large colony and therefore we needed to complete a guano clean and proofing measures together to stop this altogether.  

The proofing itself consisted of putting pigeon spikes to the lip of the roof to reduce the fouling coming down the building and to also place down some fire gel pots on all but the ground floor window ledges to prevent anymore issues there.

The result was a professionally installed net by the NBC Yorkshire team, keeping pigeons away from fouling not only down the side of the building but also on the window ledges themselves.

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