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Pigeons Nesting On Office Air-conditioning

Pigeons Nesting on Units

Our client has prestigious office in Oxford but had a problem with pigeons nesting on their air-conditioning units, which meant that engineers could not service them due to guano being built up around the nesting site.

Our Solution

On visiting the site to look at a solution the situation was a little more complicated than first expected. From an installation point of view the air conditioning units had a large glass window very close to the mounting brackets, and the brackets were not in line either. In addition to this the birds in question were not feral pigeons (Columba livia domestica) but Wood Pigeons (Columba palumbus) and, under the terms of the current licences, were protected. We therefore had to wait until we were sure that the nest was empty and any chicks had fledged before we could commence with proofing.

The proofing itself consisted of constructing some bespoke brackets to support the wires to hold the net in the correct position. These wires were set at angles so as to miss the large glass windows and net was hung from them. So that future maintenance on the air conditioning units could be carried out safely but without allowing access to pigeons special zips were installed the length of the net.

The result was a professionally installed net by the NBC Oxford team,  that kept pigeons away from the air-conditioning units.

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