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Pigeons Nesting in Loft

Pigeons accessing loft from roof

Our client Esskay Management Services were experiencing an issue at one of their managed properties. Feral pigeons had started accessing the roof through a hole where there were missing and damaged roof tiles. Consequently, a significant population established and began to roost and nest within the loft area, resulting in excessive amounts of pigeon excreta building up. There was also nesting material and dead pigeons present.

Project Overview

A significant build-up of pigeon excreta and a number of pigeons were roosting and nesting in the loft area. Pigeon excreta not only poses a health and safety risk to residents but could also then lead to legal litigation associated with the side effects of pigeon excreta.

This was creating a health risk for engineers when the water tanks need repairing or maintenance works and a potential risk of damage to the tanks, in turn leaving the residents without an emergency water supply. The water tanks could have also potentially become contaminated with pigeon excreta. Due to the excessive amount of pigeon excreta this also posed a health risk to the occupants of the flats below. To stop the pigeons roosting and nesting, a repair of the roof was required. In the interim, NBC provided temporary measure using weldmesh to stop the pigeons gaining access.

Our Solution

Cleaning Guano - Our London team treated the affected areas with a biocide to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens. The area was cleaned and all bulk fouling and nesting material (including loft insulation that has been contaminated with excreta) removed from site for appropriate disposal. 

Bird Proofing - To stop pigeons accessing the loft area, a temporary bird proofing material called weldmesh was installed to create a physical barrier before the roof could be repaired. We also replaced the loft insulation that has been contaminated.

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