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Pigeon Problem in Storage Area

Pigeons fouling of stock in an outside storage area

The client contacted our Midlands Branch to see if he could find a solution to the fouling of stock in an outside storage area. Guano was being deposited all over stored chemicals which were to be sent into the public domain. The obvious health and safety risks associated with pigeon guano meant that a solution was sought to protect anyone coming into contact with the containers and also to protect the brand.

Our Solution

Attending the survey it was quite clear what the issue was – an open space with steel beams and ledges which provide the pest birds with shelter from the elements and an ideal place to roost and nest. With problem pigeons, it was recommended that a 50mm pigeon net be installed to the roof and all 3 sides to prevent further risk and to eliminate the problem.

Scheduled in for 2 days – our experienced technicians installed the net safely, on time and much to the customers satisfaction.

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