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Pigeons Contaminating Water

Pigeons Causing Health and Safety Risk

Our client was suffering from pigeons causing water contamination at one of it’s many large water treatment sites. Pigeons were nesting around open ledges and tunnels causing both guano and nesting materials to contaminate the water in this area. This posed great health and safety risk from contaminated water and needed a solution put in place.

Our Solution

Although only a relatively small area to find a solution for there were a number of obstacles to deal with throughout. Pigeon netting was the immediate answer which will completely restrict access to the problem pigeons.

Access wasn’t easy so scaffolding was arranged to give full access to the area. Scaffolding couldn’t be installed safely without creating a barrier for areas of net install. Our bird proofing team carried out an initial fix with perimeter wires installed and net then to one side with a temporary fix to prevent pigeons access straight away.

Our team then were able to return working alongside a scaffolding team so the net could be fully secured and job completed.

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