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Pigeon Problems at Hazardous Waste Liquid Plant

Feral pigeon problems posing serious health and safety risk to hazardous waste liquid plant.

Feral pigeons were nesting within rafters of an open external storage area on one of our clients hazardous liquid waste plant. Pigeons were causing a number of health and safety issues through nesting in enclosed areas of the site.

Falconry services were successful to a point but due to the nature of the site there were areas not accessible and those offered a safe zone to nesting pigeons. Working with the customer we suggested a bird netting system to prevent pigeons nesting making the external falconry programme more effective.

Our Solution

A number of site visits were arranged to plan and design a bespoke bird net system on a tricky building that was high in traffic, footfall and required storing IBC’s to the roof space.

A net installation was designed and agreed with the customer to offer maximum storage space to the site. Our system had to be fixed as flush to the building as possible to eliminate any risk of damage by on site forklifts manoeuvring IBC’s on a regular basis.

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