Pigeon Problem on Rooftop Plant Area

Pigeons causing problems for engineers

Our client, ISS, a facilities management company for the education sector, asked the NBC East Team on various occasions to attend site urgently to clean the guano (bird droppings) and make the area safe to work for it's engineers.

Each time this needed carrying out, it meant delays for the maintenance and/or repairs until the area could be cleaned and made safe. NBC recommended netting installation to our client. This would prevent pigeons from accessing the area at all this reducing the guano on site and any associated costs or delays. 

Our Solution

By utilising extensions on the plant we were able to install a netting system to prevent pigeon access into the area, whilst still maintaining working head height all over for engineers to access. The angles of the net were calculated at the design phase to ensure that the nets would not allow perching on the sides of the roof.

The netting has prevented access to pigeons and engineers are able to access the area immediately for repairs or maintenance with no delays.

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