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Pigeon Problem for Office in Oxford

Pigeon Droppings on Balcony

We were asked if we could help with a major issue at a prestigious office complex in Oxford who were having with Pigeons. There were a number of offices with balconies which, unfortunately pigeons had taken a liking to.

In particular an area above a glass bridge connecting two office buildings had pigeons nesting above causing blockages and filthy balconies and area above a bridge crossing a stream connecting two of the buildings had become a favoured spot.

Pigeons were nesting between floors right at the top of the building and their guano was falling down and covering many of the balconies below. Because of the amount of guano produced the balconies soon became a “no go” area for our clients.

Our Solution

The NBC Oxford team did a guano clean of the area to start with. However access using conventional means via a cherry picker was not possible, and scaffolding was not an option due to cost. Our solution was to enlist our rope access team to resolve the problem.

We installed a pigeon net above the bridge between the two pillars to protect the balconies from further ingress. In addition to this, a falconry program was implemented to keep the displaced birds away.

The situation was quickly resolved and to the satisfaction of all affected parties

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