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Pigeon Problem for Council

Pigeon Fouling Contaminating Road Salt

NBC were contacted by the local council to see if we could solve a large pigeon issue they had in one of their salt barns.

Project Overview

Upon survey it was clear that the pigeons were nesting on every available ledge which was causing significant fouling on the floors below and contaminating the salt which was to be spread onto public roads. The site had previously employed another supplier providing falconry to solve the issue however this solution could not work under these conditions as the adults would just return once the bird of prey leaves the site, there is also the added risk of any young being predated and this service was no longer being carried out.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 states that all birds, their nests and their eggs are protected, and so, in accordance with the general license under this act, all non-lethal methods must be considered before the use of lethal force can be used i.e. a cull.

Our Solution

A net was proposed, as all other proofing measures would be inadequate and a detailed survey and design was submitted for approval. The client approved and works were agreed. The install took place over the space of 4 days using stainless steel fixings, to prevent corrosion and a 50mm pigeon net. Just a few weeks later, upon return to site for inspection, the shed was clear of any activity and the customer was extremely happy with the results. The customer commented;

“A professional installation completed on time and within budget – great result!”

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