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Pigeon Problem at Town Hall

Pigeons causing issues at listed building

Feral pigeons were landing, roosting and nesting at the front of the Town Hall which is a listed building. Consequently, a substantial amount of excreta was present on the balcony banister, ledges, beams, window ledges and structure of the building. Pigeon excreta is very acidic and is often the cause of expensive damage to stonework and masonry.  

NBC carried out a trial on a section of the front of the building to enable the client to decide on the colour of the net most suitable to the design of the building (stone colour net was decided) and also to gain permission to carry out the rest of the works proposed. 

Our Solution

We firstly treated the affected areas with a biocide to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens found in pigeon droppings. The area was then cleaned and all bulk fouling and nesting material will be removed from site for appropriate disposal. 

In order to then protect the town hall building, we installed a combination of bird control methods: spikes and a net to create a physical barrier. Spikes were installed to the balcony banister, ledges, window ledges, beams and pipework and polypropylene nylon pigeon net (stone coloured) was installed across windows to deny pigeons the opportunity to land, roost and nest in the areas that offer them the most shelter. This has protected the building against damage and the staff/students/visitors against the health risks associated with pigeons and their excreta. 

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