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Pigeon Problem at School

Pigeon Droppings Causing Slip Hazzard for Staff and Students

ENGIE FM Limited is an existing client of NBC Environment. The Company offers facilities management to various sectors within numerous industries.

NBC Environment were contacted by our client to attend the Maesteg Comprehensive School to investigate and offer a solution for the large feral pigeon infestation throughout the school complex. The pest birds were roosting above the rear school entrance and defecating faeces on the main walkway areas which was causing a serious health and safety issue and also a slip hazard for teaching staff and students.

Large numbers of feral pigeons were also roosting and nesting within the roof installed external plant area and Engie maintenance teams were unable to service the plant due to the health and safety hazards caused by bulk bird faeces build-up and nesting materials within the air intake ducting and plant machinery.

Due to the location of the project being above the rear school entrance and at height, the work had to be carried out during the school holiday season as specialist mobile access platforms (MEWP) and mobile scaffold towers were required and the whole area needed to be closed off to ensure safe working practices were upheld

Our Solution

NBC Environment designed and installed a vertical 50mm bird deterrent netting system over the top of the external roof plant area in order to encapsulate the area and prevent further ingress from feral pigeons.

NBC Environment carried out a full bird faeces decontamination treatment and removal of the effected areas and applied stainless steel bird deterrent spikes to the steel beams above the rear of the school entrance to prevent any further feral pigeon ingress.

The Birdnet and Birdspike systems were completed within the allocated time scales and on budget.

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