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Pigeon Problem at Retail Centre

Pigeon Netting Keeps Birds at Bay

A shopping centre in the middle of Gloucester has had an issue with pigeons for a number of years. In particular, one of their service yards has a long expanse of “undercover cable trays”. Whilst these cable trays were protected from the elements by the building above they were unprotected from pigeons who loved to sit on them in shelter, as well as “poo” on the floor underneath creating a potential health an safety slip and trip hazard.

Our Solution

The area was approaching 130m long and to the sides on the walls there were air conditioning units in large cages with access using large double doors on each cage.  In order to prevent the pigeons gaining access to the cable tray we had to install netting, but the netting had to be put up in such a way so that access to these doors was unaffected. 

A system of support wires were added to hold the net up but that had to keep enough tension on the net to prevent it from snagging on the doors below.

Our local team in Gloucester also had to make sure that there were no pigeons trapped in the area which was a difficult process due to the length of the area being protected. However with planning and the correct installation methods the outcome was achieved.

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