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Pigeon Problem at Cardiff Docks

Pigeons droppings causing unsightly mess

We were asked by a client to help with deterring feral pigeons on their exclusive building in Cardiff Docks.

The pigeons were roosting on the Brise Soliel (solar shading system) over the windows to a sheltered side of the building and the faeces were covering the windows and the brickwork, creating a significant risk to health, and weekly costs for cleaning.

The work involved was significant as there were 42 individual Brise Soliel to protect. The client, an architectural consultancy wanted something that aesthetically did not ruin the look of the building, so spikes and netting were not an option.

Our Solution

Utilising a large lorry mounted hoist, our South West and Wales Team supplied and installed “Bird Free Gel” to the Brise Soliel. Feral Pigeons see the gel almost like we see flames preventing them from landing in the areas where it is fitted.

The “Bird Free Gel” is impossible to see from ground level which solved the issue and aesthetically met the clients requirements. We have significantly reduced the risk to health, removed the unsightly fouling and associated debris from this area, and reduced their costs for cleaning operations moving forward.

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