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Pigeon Mess on Walkways at Engineering Firm

Pigeon Droppings Causing Health and Safety Issue

Gestamp Tallent is a multinational automotive engineering company. It is one of leading firms in the European automotive industry. The NBC team in Birmingham have been looking after two of their factories in Staffordshire for both pest and bird issues – the plant at Quadrant point since 2015.

The site in question has had a long standing pigeon population. The site came to us for a solution to mitigate this as best we could. The pigeon population resulted in guano contaminated walkways which was creating a health and safety concern that needed to be resolved immediately. Initial survey revealed that the pigeon colony were nesting inside the roof of a canopy which spanned some 110 metres. Due to this being the main corridor for site deliveries and collections, proofing the canopy with bird netting was a non-starter.  

Our Solution

As with any bird colony, it’s all about changing behaviours. NBC proposed a falconry programme to help change those behaviours, this alongside a regular cleaning programme to ensure staff and its visitors were protected against the harmful diseases associated with pigeon guano. It is very difficult to deal with nesting birds as often the target species will leave the site until the threat has been removed, that being said, working closely with the site, we have managed to minimise the ever increasing population and remove the risks to visitors and staff.

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