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Pigeon Droppings Clean in Oxford

Cleaning Pigeon Guano from Carfax Tower in Oxford

St Martin’s Church Oxford was the official city Church from 1122 onwards however all that now remains of the Church is Carfax Tower, built in 1818 as part of the reconstruction of the church which was itself demolished to allow for traffic in 1896.

The tower is the tallest pint in central Oxford with a clock on the east façade which chimes out every quarter of the hour.

Some time ago cameras mounted in the tower to monitor traffic were removed leaving small holes that were unfortunately left. This allowed pigeons to gain access to the tower and the result was that guano started to build up on the walkways within the tower, and on many of the surface including the large bells.

Our Solution

Our Oxford Team carried out a clean that had been some time in the making and so we set about neutralising the guano and removing it so that it could be safely destroyed. The work was dirty and potentially dangerous so protective clothing was the order of the day. The entrance where the birds were gaining access was also blocked to prevent future issues in the tower.

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