Pigeon control for Peterborough City Hospital

Reducing the risk of disease for the NHS 

The rooftop plant machinery structures had been infested with pigeons for around 2 years, even though this was an area the public could not access there were still health and safety concerns due to the need for regular servicing. Around 80 pigeons were roosting on parapets and around the plant machinery, over a two year period pigeon droppings had accumulated on the roof on and around air conditioning units. This was concerning due to:

  • pigeon droppings carrying diseases and bacteria, as the air conditioning units are where the pigeon guano had built up, this was a high risk regarding patients, staff and the general public at the hospital
  • the danger to contractors servicing the air conditioning units or carrying out general work. The rooftop would have been a slip hazard as well as the guano holding disease
  • the unsightly image of the area in a highly sensitive site where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount

Project overview

Peterborough City Hospital is the new general district hospital for the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. The hospital was opened in 2011 and was the largest building project in the city since the cathedral was built.

Since its construction the hospital has been infested with a pigeon population that the facilities team was struggling to deal with. The high number of pigeons posed a significant health and safety risk from the build-up of pigeon droppings and nesting activity.

Our solution

Our team of experts implemented a pigeon control deterrent programme using a number of methods. Due to the high pressure of pigeons on the site a trapping programme was commenced to reduce the pigeon population on site. Following this a major cleaning and sanitation programme completed to remove the pigeon mess from the site. A total of 50 black bags of pigeon waste were cleared, that’s a significant health risk and a lot of mess!

Our team installed pigeon bird netting over the roof plant machinery to prevent pigeons accessing the plant and structures. Bird proofing using netting is 100% effective if maintained and is a long term solution for total exclusion of the area for the pigeons.

The pigeon proofing installed will have many benefits including:

  • being 100% effective in stopping pigeons and nuisance birds
  • minimal impact to the building aesthetics, its virtually invisible from the ground
  • it will reduce cleaning and maintenance costs long term
  • netting is very versatile and is ideal for large areas that need protecting from pigeon activity

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