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Pigeon Control for Leading FM Company

Pigeons Dropping Risk Health and Safety for Office Workers

Our client, a leading FM company, contacted us to advise and provide a solution to stop feral pigeons (Columba livia domestica) from roosting on top of air-conditioning inlet fans at the rear of a property. 

Our surveyor attended the Leighton Buzzard based head office, to complete a free of charge, no-obligation site survey and thorough assessment of the problems being encountered because of the pigeons. 

Upon arrival feral pigeons could be seen roosting and nesting at the rear of the wall mounted fans, previously spiking had been installed, however not to the rear of the units thus providing more of a safe harbourage for the feral pigeons, protecting them from predatory birds.  

Around the fans and on the brick wall of the building was a serious build-up of pigeon faeces, not only unsightly with the potential of staining the building due to the acids found in faeces but posing a serious risk to anyone working within and around the building as the dried spores could be made airborne and passed through the air-cooling system. 

Our Solution

Liaising with the client an order was raised and NBC was on site within one week with PASMA trained operatives to installed a 4m mobile elevated scaffold platform to gain access to the wall mounted fans. 

The Southern Team, fully protected in PPE got to work removing all the existing installed spikes, we then set about removing all discarded nesting material completing a full biocide clean of the area with an avicide disinfectant.  

Once cleaned and dried we the installed 220mm wide heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel pigeon spikes providing 105 spikes per meter. 

The spikes were secured to the cooling fans using a high tack weather resistant adhesive, completely closing the top of the cooling fans along with securing the spiking to the frame holding the coolers to stop roosting from behind the fans, thus also removing any potential risk of fire.     

The two areas on site are now free from feral pigeon activity.  

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