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Pigeon Control at Waste Management Site, Liverpool

Preventing Pigeons from accessing the store warehouse

Our client, a large waste management enlisted our help to deal with a pigeon problem. The storage warehouse at Veolia Garston, Liverpool is an extremely busy site and has been home for these pigeons for some time. Falconry has been very useful and has been working well however some very persistent pigeons just wouldn’t leave. We recommended that this warehouse have bird deterrent installed just underneath the beams and lights to stop the pigeons from nesting which will reduce the pigeon fouling.

Our Solution

The best option for our team in Liverpool was to bird proof these areas using a pigeon deterrent net. The next step was to clean up the mess they had created afterwards. We installed a pigeon net to the top of the beams and lights inside the warehouse, where they were roosting and nesting. We are now continuing with the weekly falconry program to deter and scare off the rest of the pigeons. 

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