Pigeons at Pinguin

Pigeon Control at Hull Tigers Football Stadium

Preventing Pigeons at Football Stadium

At Hull Tigers Football Stadium, a very high number of pigeons had started settling inside the actual stadium. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the stadium has become a quiet place with no staff or visitors but became the perfect roosting ground for pigeons!

Project Overview

NBC had already worked with the stadium a number of years ago to reduce the pigeon problem. This was down to a bird of prey being flown to act as a deterrent to the pigeons and the problem was solved for a few years. However, as a result of greatly reduced activity within the stadium as a result of the pandemic, pigeons began roosting and flying inside the stadium once again. There started to become a problem with excessive bird fouling.

Our Solution

In order to bring the problem under control once again, the same measures were deployed as that several years ago, to fly a bird of prey on a 10 day intensive presence to clear the infestation and then continue with weekly visits to keep them at bay. Once the pigeons reduce in their numbers and move away from the site again, a guano clean of the stadium will commence.

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