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Pigeon Control at College of Further Education

Preventing Nesting Pigeons at College

NBC were contacted to see if we were able to find a solution to a significant pigeon control problem at a state of the art further education college in the North West. It had a resident population of approximately 200 pigeons and the situation was becoming increasingly worse. Bird control had been sought prior to NBC’s involvement, by way of falconry, however, this was not solving the issue and a more permanent solution was sought.

Project Overview

Upon the initial survey, it was evident that falconry was never going to solve the problem. The colony were nesting on site, seeking shelter underneath the plant on the main roof, as well as several other roofs around it. When you have a nesting colony – the pull of the nest is more than the threat created from the bird of prey, and as such, apart from seeking shelter underneath the plant, the pigeons will return when the bird of prey is not present.

Guano levels were that high that maintenance staff and sub contractors were advised not to enter the area due to the significant health and safety risks associated with pigeon guano.

In accordance with bird legislation under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, all non-lethal measures must be considered before consideration/implementation of lethal controls such as trapping - which had been considered prior to NBC’s involvement. Knowledge of the legislation is important but what it is also important is understanding the species and their behaviours when trying to find a solution, with any pest, not just birds.

Our Solution

After qualifying the customer correctly and discussing the options, a bird net installation was proposed - the only way you will achieve total exclusion, and NBC were invited back to carry out a second survey. After a detailed survey, design and subsequent proposal, NBC were successfully awarded the works.

The works were carried out over a 5 week period. The customer was regularly involved with daily reports via our e-reporting, weekly updates from the contract manager, and, several site visits to assess progress and ensure there were no costly delays. The installation was a success, completed within budget, on time and to the customers satisfaction. In addition, our net maintenance programme was also implemented over 5 years – guaranteeing the installation for the same period – ensuring the integrity of the installation is maintained, value on the investment and peace of mind for the customer.

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