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Pest Prevention and Management at Edge Hill University

Keeping Edge Hill University Protected from Pests

NBC began working with Edge Hill University in Lancashire during January 2020. NBC took over from the previous incumbent pest control company due to pest problems that were not effectively being controlled. The University were experiencing some rodent issues and they had to call in the previous pest control company multiple times to deal with outbreaks.

Project Overview

When NBC carried out the site survey, we identified the source of the problem and why the rodents were choosing the university grounds to inhabit.

Edgehill University is situated in a fantastic location, however it backs on to open ground, which is perfect rodent habitat, but, this also provided an opportunity for wildlife to come in search of a food source which is in plentiful supply with a campus that boasts an amazing array of bars, restaurants, takeaways and shops after the refuse created by that.

The campus grounds are kept immaculate by a team at the University to make it a great place to be and study and they didn’t want rodent activity to affect their high level of standards.

Our Solution

After identifying the main source, NBC installed 50 rodent boxes along the 800m edge that backed onto open ground where the largest incoming source of rodents would have come from, this replaced the 1 box that had previously been in place!

Also from the survey, NBC identified the other sources of where rodents could enter the site and set about intensive work in proofing of sewer drains, filling holes in brickwork, gaps, cracks and crevices. When it comes to proofing, gaps which can be accessed by rodents are filled with wire wool in the hole and expansion foam. Rodents can eat through expansion foam but when mixed with wire wool – rats cannot get through the wire wool.

On an on-going basis, NBC's pest control team in Liverpool carry out regular visits to the site, where pest prevention is better than cure! Rather than a visit of 8 hours one day a month, NBC visit for 2 hours every week to maintain the boxes and respond to any issues quickly that might arise in between. This keeps the site maintained and protected from activity.

NBC were also able to offer a bird control solution to birds which also are attracted to food sources. The campus was visited by Canadian Geese and Pigeons. NBC fly a hawk on the site to deter the birds from the campus, stopping them not only from nesting but also to keep the site clean and free of bird droppings.

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