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Pest in Ceiling of House

Removing pest from ceiling void

Our customer had started hearing noises in the ceiling void of a flat roof. The customer was worried as to the cause of the noise and assumed it was pest related. This assumption then created concerns regarding the pests breeding and the situation becoming worse, if undealt with.

The main problem to overcome however, was the lack of access into this void area as it was completely sealed off from the inside of the house.

Project Overview

The lack of access caused significant issues for us developing a programme. With legislation regarding the correct use of baits in mind, and developing an effective program to eradicate the risks associated with pest, a positive identification of the pest was crucial. Despite a detailed investigation, entry points were not found, nor was any evidence present to provide an insight to the pest involved. This at least told us that the pests were living solely in this void space and were not accessing the house itself.

Our Solution

After discussion with the homeowner, we agreed to meet a contractor the following morning who would create a small access point in the ceiling to allow visibility into the void space. With this access panel in place we used our snake cam to get a detailed view of the area, assess the evidence, and provide a confirmed identification. With this confirmed ID we were then able to suggest programmes for the homeowner.

The homeowner decided to take our recommendation of installing snap traps into the void area to prevent potential smells that can come with using poison bait.

Watch our video on identifying the pest through the snake cam.


Pest in ceiling void

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