Pest Control at Public House Redevelopment

Bird & pest clearance and prevention for refurbishment

Our client VPS chose NBC Environment as the specialist supplier business to support them with their project at the proposed redevelopment and refurbishment of the large vacant Glasshouse Public House in Swindon which was in disrepair.

There were several areas where our services were required.

1. Prevent the current rat infestation and feral pigeon issue within the three storey property from holding up the programme of proposed works.

2. Ensure all internal areas were safe and free from rats and feral pigeons which were prevalent throughout the internal areas of large premises. Bulk bird faeces, rat droppings, rat urine which is hazardous to human health and safety was widespread throughout the premises over the three floors which was causing a risk contractors and preventing any redevelopment from taking place.

3. Ensure all internal areas of the building were bird and rat free and all feral pigeons and rats area were removed.

4. To ensure compliance on the proposed redevelopment and refurbishment to prevent rats and feral pigeons from accessing the internal areas of building once cleared and as such remove the risks of further bulk bird faeces and the hazardous posed by the current rat infestation.

This was a very large property over three levels with numerous large rooms. There are inaccessible roof voids and false ceilings where the brown rats and feral pigeons reside, so the team had to use grain to bait the feral pigeons from their hiding places.

We provided the client with a full detailed survey inspection report and installed a suitable plan of works. This included a demonstration of our specialist capability with robust risk assessments and method statements, which included the listing of all materials to be used on the large bulk bird faeces, feral pigeon and brown rat treatments and removal program.

Our Solution

A specialist team from NBC Environment South West carried out a controlled feral pigeon and associated bulk bird faeces removal program in compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act i.e. egg and nest removal and controlled culling of feral pigeons in order to remove the feral pigeons. This in turn would reduce the risk of contamination throughout the internal areas of the building and allow for the redevelopment/refurbishment of the premises to proceed safely and without risk to human health.

NBC Environment also instigated a robust action plan to address and eradicate the current brown rat infestation within the property. This involved an intensive rat knockdown treatment to quickly gain control and reduce the rat population within the property to a manageable level. This was achieved by the installation of a rat baiting programme and trapping with weekly visits to inspect, remove and re-bait the affected areas.

We supported the client by carrying out a specialist bulk feral pigeon faeces, rat droppings and rat urine treatment and safe removal, deep cleaning and decontamination programme of works throughout all internal areas of the property, with the safe cleaning and sanitising of the contaminated areas using specialist equipment such as industrial steam cleaners, industrial power washers, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners and industrial lighting units.

We finished off the project for VPS UK Ltd by ensuring the windows which were permanently fixed closed and any broken widows boarded up to prevent further pest species access into the vacant building, this ensured no further feral pigeon ingress was possible.

The project has ensured the proposed redevelopment/refurbishment of the premises can now proceed without delay or risk to human health.

Total Project budget was £6,650.00 – NBC Environment ensured that we completed this project on time and within the allocated client budget.

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