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Office Rodent Prevention

Protecting equipment from rodents

Our customer is an office environment for a life sciences organisation and hold a lot of the comms and server equipment at their facility. Rodents are a huge concern for them, not just for the risk to health from rodents urine, but the operational risks of chewed wires causing server outages, comms breakdowns and risk of fire.

Project Overview

The area needs to be sealed against rodents and access blocked due to the high risk involved in a case of a rodent infestation. Any activity needs to be noted, species identified and an appropriate rodent control solution implemented.

Our Solution

We carry out a routine pest management service that involves us sending out a BPCA Level 2 operative to site each month. On this visit our operative investigates the area and check for any signs of activity in the outside space, building line and of course internally. This will be done via a physical inspection. We then have bait boxes in place to monitor any other activity. We use Block bait here as it helps identify the rodent in question from the gnawing marks. 

With our thorough approach and investigative attitude, the site is rodent free and equipment inside protected from rodents

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