Ground Nesting Bird Mitigation

Nesting Bird Mitigation

Preventing Project Delays for Ecological Contactor

Our client, Threeshires were wishing to complete vegetation works to prep a site ready for construction. The issue that the customer had was that these works were due to be undertaken at the beginning and during the bird nesting season. If any bird were to nest, on the ground or in trees/hedges, then our customers prepping of the site would have been delayed, delaying the entire project and forcing for all elements to be re-planned.

The site had various nesting locations that had a very high likelihood of birds nesting and so a thorough solution was sought to minimise the risk as much as we possibly could.

Our Solution

The solution that NBC recommended, and then implemented on to the site, was the introduction of falconry and working dogs to carry out a bird mitigation project to minimise the likelihood of birds nesting across the site. we then utilised our digital reporting to explain to the customer the areas worked and to give a day by day account of the works that were undertaken.

Through NBC's other experiences of these type of projects and where the severity of the risk is so high, we knew the type of program to implement, a dawn-til-Dusk 7 days a week bird mitigation project. We offered working dogs to move birds from hedgerows and the ground and to deter them from nesting on the site. The introduction of various Harris hawks and Falcons enabled NBC to control the air space and any nesting sites higher than hedgerows.

Our local Contracts Manager, Ryan Lawson, carried out a survey at site on the 9th of February 2023 with costs submitted to the client the following day on the 10th. With the nesting season rapidly arriving our client approved the costs on the 20th and NBC had a fully mobilised team on site for the following Monday, the 26th February.

The project continued throughout the nesting season, finishing on the 13th of June and had grown to a 4 person team, per day, with the longer hours of daylight. We were successful in the project as no nests were made and no delays were experienced in the project.

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