NBC clears the way for multi-million pound MOD project

Raven relocation at RAF Fairford

The MOD airfield was being refurbished as part of a multi-million pound development project. The ravens were holding up the maintenance which had to be completed before the Fairford International Air Tattoo in July. Unsure of the next step and what the legal ramifications were the contractor contacted us for advice and recommendations. When dealing with any bird nest it is prudent to consult with an experienced ornithology specialist as all bird species are protected by law and removal or disturbance of a nest can result in a fine or even prosecution.

Project overview

During a site refurbishment ravens were discovered nesting in a water tower that required urgent repairs.

Our solution

To ensure that the works could be completed a licence was obtained to enable action to move the nest to a safe site. Access to the water tower was a challenge so the NBC rope access team was employed to access the water tower and also to construct a new tower which was to be the new home for the raven nest.

Transportation of raven nest under licence to a new site. Transportation of raven nest under licence to a new site. The new tower was erected on a nearby rooftop on the MOD site and the nest was then carefully transported and positioned on the purpose built tower. The new tower would protect the raven nest but allow nature to take its course undisturbed by the required maintenance.

Once the raven nest had been moved and secured the required maintenance proceeded in time for the summer event. The ravens and nest were monitored and we are happy to report that 3 ravens hatched and fledged.

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