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Gulls Nesting on Roof

Gull droppings cause issues on roof & access equipment

Our client Nationwide Platforms, an access hire equipment company contacted NBC Environment to request a solution to the gull problems that the business and staff were experiencing every year. Gulls were roosting and nesting on the various roof areas of the business and also sitting on the numerous access hoist which are for hire. 

Project Overview

The gulls were causing serious issues for the client as these birds would regularly swoop and dive at the staff working within the large courtyard and gull attacks became a regular risk to the staff.

The access equipment for hire had to be constantly clean and disinfected due to the volumes of gull faeces build-up which is hazardous to human health and this issue was causing great expensive to the client.

Due to the location of the business on a large trading estate with food outlets, there was a very large gull population nesting throughout and the large buildings owned by the client make the perfect vantage point for gulls to observe the surrounding areas for potential food source opportunities.

Certain roof areas of the buildings were asbestos construction, so netting of these areas was not possible.

Our Solution

NBC Environment carried out a full survey of the client premises and provided detailed survey report and implement a suitable solution for the client.

NBC Environment were appinted to supply and install a gull deterrent Birdnet system to the main building roof, which was held off the roof at a height of 1 metre and supported by non-piercing roof mounting supports.

Due to certain roof areas being asbestos construction and various inaccessible areas, NBC Environment supplied and installed a marine grade stainless steel gull Birdspike system to all leading edges to prevent gulls from sitting and alighting.

Due to the nature of the client business, our fully qualified installation team were permitted to utilise the numerous types of access equipment made available.

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