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Guano Removal for University

Pigeon Faeces in Control Room

NBC Environment were contacted by the client to provide advice and a solution to remove a serious build-up of pigeon faeces within an air ventilation control room, so they could complete necessary overdue maintenance to the system.

Project Overview

The pigeon accessible control room was located on the roof space of a large building at the heart of the university, the area provided an area of harbourage for the Pigeons.

Upon the completion of a site survey there was a serious build-up of pigeon faeces, not only posing a risk and preventing the work of the maintenance engineers but also a risk to anyone working within and around the building as the dried spores could be made airborne.

The only challenge we were faced was the weather, this task needed to be completed promptly to allow for the system to be certified, however this coincided with some severe weather, with the project taking a short delay, whilst snow was cleared form the building.

Our Solution

NBC Environment consulted the client and completed a four day biocide clean and bulk fouling removal of the area. Due to the enclosed areas of the plant, the clean was completed intricately ensuring no damage was caused to the ventilation ductwork or electrical panels.

All fouling was then removed from site and responsibly disposed of. The area is now free from pigeon guano allowing the maintenance to take place prior to the end of the month as planned.

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