Ground Nesting Bird Mitigation

Ground Nesting Birds Prevention on Construction Site

Nesting Bird Prevention

Our client, a UK leading ecological, arboricultural & landscaping specialist contracting company wanted to start preparations for site construction. When prepping a site for construction, certain areas of tree and vegetation needed to be removed. The concern was that given the time of year this work was being done, there was a risk of nesting birds which would in turn create significant delays to the project and great expense, as the client would have to wait until any young fledged the nest before carrying out any works. The site in question was large and open, with various nesting opportunities throughout.

Our Solution

NBC implemented a falconry and dog programme, ensuring that on each visit the birds and dogs protected the vegetation and the site in general from birds nesting. This natural and ethical way of dealing with the issue ensured that no wild birds came to harm by instilling our presence each day and deterring them away to find an alternative nesting site.

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