Fox Control

Fox and Rabbit Problem at Water Management Site

Rabbit and Fox Activity Pose Health and Safety Risk

Thames Water had increased rabbit and fox activity at one of its sites. The ground was being compromised in terms of trip hazards for staff and the potential damage to tanks which could cause water contamination, consequently leading to extra costs being incurred for repairs and disturbance of operations.

Where rabbits and foxes pose a problem, it is a considerable challenge as they spend the majority of the day either underground in their burrows or hiding, making it difficult to get access to them or to accurately estimate any remaining population.

Also no toxic chemicals to eradicate any rabbits/foxes could be used due to the burrows proximity to water that will eventually be consumed by people. 

Our Solution

To ensure that rabbits and foxes did not further establish larger local populations on site, a solution was put in place to deal with the current activity but also a longer term pest management programme providing a monitoring service to ensure activity remained at a manageable level. We were also able restore the grounds that had been affected by burrows.

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