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Fly Problem at Waste Site

Fly Issues in Warm Weather

Our customer historically has a significant increase in flies around the hotter periods especially the summer time which can be a consequence of the environment (waste management) and materials that are brought into the facility (food ). One of the main issues within the pest control industry is food waste as this attracts the majority of the problems which could be rodents, birds or flies. 

The population of flies had increased massively with this causing a health and safety issue as well as a general nuisance not just to the staff but the contractors, customers and local residents.

With the treatment of flies it requires insecticide spraying which  can trigger fire alarms. With a site like this, there was a fully automated fire alarm system that can shut down the plant and arrange emergency services to attend site. It was therefore imperative that during the treatment and for a small amount of time afterwards, these fire alarms were isolated. A high number of workforce on site during the day also meant that treatment in normal working hours was not possible.

Our Solution

Our Manchester teams first point was to isolate the fire alarms during treatment and for an agreed period of time afterwards. All affected areas were sprayed with a specialist insecticide, including waste pile, walls, shutters and anywhere the flies would be and land. All completed out of hours and safely to reduce and control the fly population during this period. Without this treatment and service the number of flies would be in the millions and it would be impossible for workers to complete day to day work. NBC offer this service throughout the UK and work with all sectors that are having fly issues.

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