Deterring nesting pigeons from British Car Auctions Ltd warehouse

Roosting feral pigeons causing frustration and safety risks for maintenance staff

British Car Auctions Ltd is an existing client of NBC Environment. The Company is a large used vehicle marketplace which conducts physical and online auctions and sales for cars, commercial vehicles, caravans, motor homes, and motorbikes.

Feral pigeons were entering the maintenance team warehouse area to roost. The pest birds were roosting and sitting on the numerous steel structural support beams which offers shelter and protection for them defecating faeces on the equipment, machinery and stored products which is used by the maintenance team daily.

Project overview

Within one of the hangers is the maintenance office. This area was constantly being accessed by feral pigeons via the exposed area between the partition and the roof. The area was unusable and unsafe due to the bulk feral pigeon faeces located throughout the area which is hazardous to human health and safety.

Due to the location of the project being inside a disused hanger, the client only required this maintenance area which had a partition wall to be addressed. Due to large volume of stock being held, there were issues with restrictive work areas, so the team had to request the bulk stock to be moved in order to ensure safe working practices are upheld.

Our solution

NBC Environment designed and installed a vertical 50mm bird deterrent netting system in order to encapsulate the maintenance area and prevent further ingress from feral pigeons.

The netting project was completed within the allocated time scales and on budget.

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