Deterring feral pigeons from Bridgewater House Surgeries

Nuisance pigeons roosting at Bridgewater House Surgeries

Feral pigeons have been roosting on the Bridgewater House Surgery building and fouling on the ground beneath causing potential slip hazards and health risks for staff and patients.

Pigeons have very basic needs; food, water and shelter. The location of the surgery meant a food source was readily available from the nearby high street as waste often over spills from bins outside a small supermarket. The design of the building lends itself incredibly well to form a shelter for the birds so their natural instinct is to seek shelter.

Project overview

The Bridgewater House Surgeries have been struggling with nuisance Pigeons roosting on their building and which was disruptive to the practice and caused a health hazard to its patients as the Pigeons were depositing guano around the car park, particularly near the building entrance.

Our solution

NBC have been working closely with Bridgewater House Surgeries to proof the building to ensure it is fully protected from pigeons on a long term basis.

A series of bird spikes have been installed along the sides and rear of the building to deter the pigeons from resting here. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to the birds without physically hurting them. The installation is a long term solution to the clients’ problem as the Stainless steel wires and ultra violet plastic bases ensure the bird spike durability. NBC also undertook a deep clean of the areas which were particularly effected by Pigeon guano to ensure there weren’t any health and safety risks for staff or patients.

This installation has been particularly effective as it has eliminated resting places for the birds to sit encouraging them to change their behaviour and leave the area clear in turn reducing the mess associated with bird fouling.

Many other options are available to deter pigeons, depending on the circumstances at each site. All installations are guaranteed from the moment we commence installation and it’s completed by qualified and experienced bird control technicians.

An effective programme is likely to use a combination of methods, however we will always complete a bird survey before making pigeon mitigation recommendations.

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