Covid-19 disinfection service for The Redway School

Minimising the risk of Covid-19 infection 

With the Coronavirus outbreak, the client who are providers of all-age state special school for children and young people who experience severe learning difficulties and remain operational, albeit on a case by case basis

The client has had several members of staff who were concerned about working in an environment where the virus could potentially be passed from one person to another. This may have resulted in absenteeism through fear or illness.

The main concern for the client was primarily, they wanted to look after the health and wellbeing of their staff and their pupils as they are needed to work during this period.

They asked NBC if we could provide a disinfecting service which would work on killing viruses on surfaces and areas effectively killing the virus for up to 7 days.

Project overview

The client has two different sites, made up of 23 classes, gym, dining room, offices, reception, staff room, pool, changing rooms, bathrooms/toilets, soft play room, immersive room, meeting room and a significant number of other areas.

NBC has worked with the client to ensure that all those different type areas had the appropriate treatments. Due to the size of the site, and the nature of the environment, NBC turned around the enquiry to subsequent treatment in 48 hrs to ensure as minimal disruption as possible to staff and pupils.

Our solution

NBC uses a hospital-grade disinfectant and could supply datasheets to ensure that the client could cross check its chemical composition, in order to confirm that it would not cause them an issue when sprayed on their product.

Using a combination of methods starting with a handheld sprayer – we would walk around and firstly wipe down all regular hand touch surfaces such as, light-switches and door handles.

For internal rooms such as offices and kitchens we use an Ultra-Low Volume fogging machine, which blows a fine mist of hospital-grade disinfectant into the air. This then disperses and lands on all uncovered surfaces such as desks, phones, keyboards and kettles without leaving any sticky residue and is safe for humans to use after one hour of spraying.

For those larger, cubic areas, such as the classrooms, gym and pool, we deploy a backpack petrol engine spray mister, similar to a leaf blower, which we use whilst walking around the sites. This backpack allows us to blow a fine mist disinfectant directly onto the staff work areas.

With all treatment areas, a certificate is given to the site to display, advising what treatment was carried out, with the date and sign-off by the infection control operative to confirm. Most members may not have seen the staff completing the treatments at the time of visit, however the certificates provides an additional visual reminder that work is being carried out in their absence, to ensure their well-being.

Since the treatments commenced the client reports inspired confidence and a calmer working environment. They have given a further order for additional treatments to ensure the safety of pupils and staff going forward.

Our client commented:

“We contacted NBC in regards to having our school treated during the coronavirus outbreak, we were given lots of advice and a quote, the whole process was very fast and was dealt with very professionally, we agreed the quote and booked the work in and I am pleased to say the team arrived on the day and time specified and got straight to work, we received a report at the end of each day.

The team have been fabulous and having this work done means we feel we are being as proactive as we can be towards our pupil and staffs health and wellbeing during a very difficult time for any school community.

I would recommend the team at NBC to anyone looking to carry out this type of work.”

The Redway School, Premises Manager

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