Controlling gull issues for ASCO Coastal logistics site

Providing a solution for nuisance gulls at Great Yarmouth ASCO site

ASCO’s site based in Great Yarmouth needed to protect safety critical equipment on tank tops along with carrying out critical daily safety checks to the top of large fuel tanks on their site. In this coastal region gulls were larger in numbers and during gull nesting season, the gulls would not only defecate or nest near and on the equipment but also attack workers whilst carrying out the safety checks on the tanks. They therefore needed a solution for this problem so contacted NBC following successful projects implemented for ASCO elsewhere.

Project overview

The client contacted NBC due to successful previous bird control projects and to find a solution to prevent access to the tanks by gulls. Bird proofing was a perfect solution to the problem and discussed with the client how this could be carried out whilst still allowing for the checks to be made.

Our solution

Netting as a form of proofing was the chosen method and most appropriate to keep the gulls away from the tanks.

Nets were mounted on to poles to give sufficient headroom for the workforce to enter the area and safely. The netting design incorporated all walkways between tanks which then created a safe area where the workforce could access all tanks with no threat of gulls. The netting has completely prevented gulls gaining access to the tanks and has kept their workforce safe from the threat of gull attacks.

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