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Clearing Bird Droppings from Fire Exit Routes

Keeping Safety Exits, Safe.

The client's site had a high pigeon population which required a bird management program. Until this is in place, the client needed to carry out the removal of guano (bird droppings) to 4 fire exit areas from the building and the car park. This is to ensure that, in the event of a fire, the exits are safe to be used by staff, eliminating the slip hazard caused by pigeon excreta.

In substantial quantities bird faeces acidic matter can even cause damage to the fabric of buildings which in turn, leads to higher cleaning and repair bills. Large quantities of faeces will also be infested with blood-feeding insects which will invade buildings over time.

Our Solution

All affected areas were treated with a biocide by our London team to eliminate all harmful diseases and airborne pathogens. The walls, floors, stair bannisters, electrical equipment (where accessible) and CCTV cameras were cleaned, and all bulk fouling and nesting material removed from site for appropriate disposal. Pigeon excreta is very acidic and due to this being in place for sometime, there was some staining that remained.

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