Canada geese success at university campus

Surveying and preventing stubborn Canada geese

Canada geese are large in size and can be identified by a black head and neck and large white throat patch. They originate from North America and are found now in most parts of the UK. These birds can be extremely noisy and create huge amounts of droppings which pose a very real health and safety hazard. Notoriously difficult to deal with and stubborn to stray from their chosen nest area. It’s been noted that the Canadian goose has been a major bird problem in recent years as although it’s a migratory bird, changes in climate have led to static populations increasing in number in the UK.

Project overview

A local university had a problem with Canada geese occupying the lake and surrounding grass banks and also frequenting the playing field, surrounding gardens and university pathways. In addition to the noise, Canada geese droppings littered the area creating a slip hazard which is not only unhygienic but also unsightly for people attending campus.

Our solution

A disruption program was introduced to deter the Canada geese population from nesting and keep them away from the university site. The geese disruption programme included the use of working dogs patrols, lasers and the use of hawks to modify the behaviour of the resident geese by making the site unattractive to them without harming them.

The Canada geese control project was successful and the university is enjoying a geese free university campus for the first time in many years, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a safer working environment.

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