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Bird Proofing Roof Plant at Council Building

Protecting Roof Plant from Birds

We were asked to survey a local council building as a bird net installed to protect roof mounted plant was looking a bit tired. 

On visiting the site to survey, it was clear the net had failed due to being incorrectly installed which was carried out by another company. Whilst a wire support system had been fitted the roof mounts had been extended with wooded poles which were not fit for purpose and had rotted meaning the whole structure was insecure. In addition to this the wire supporting the net had not been braced correctly.

In order to create the correct tension on the net and make sure that could withstand snow the wires had to be secured on the reverse side of the building.

Our Solution

In order to solve the problem the old net had to be removed and correct roof mounts brought in to help lift a replacement net above the existing roof plant. One of the reasons that the old net had failed was that the wires had been braced on the wrong side of a pitched roof. This in itself presented a new problem which was how to safely reach the far side of the roof pitch to make sure that the wires were correctly braced. We teamed up with a specialist roofing company who we regularly work with to resolve the problem.

As can be seen also in our gallery, the new net is correctly tensioned and will remain in place to keep birds away from the roof plant.

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