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NBC were asked by Luddon Construction to bird proof a 210m long canopy for a brand-new storage shed at one of the UK's busiest ports, Forth Ports.

The aim of the project was to prevent birds from becoming habituated to this new building from the get-go.

The project was originally pencilled in to be done in the last two weeks of October, however the client phoned our Scottish Proofing Team to ask if we could start earlier. Their client wanted to begin using the shed, if possible, before the completion of all works, as they needed to urgently process orders and the sooner they could start using the shed the quicker their supply chain could be eased and help them move stock to their customers, on time or even ahead of expectation.

Our Solution

The design need to be done so it wouldn't interfere with the operation of the unit and equipment and have consideration for ongoing maintenance, such as installing zips in the netting for access to changing light bulbs . This means that untrained people will not damage the netting when they carry out their duties and therefore helps maintain the integrity of the net and extends its life.

NBC were able to re-prioritise the work for our teams to allow the new deadline to be met and the first stage handover of the project to allow the site to use their new building two weeks earlier than originally expected.

Once their client was happy with stage 1, we then worked with Luddon whilst they were also finishing some of the same areas that we would have ordinarily been working on alone and with a finished product but our team changed and adapted to working around the unfinished areas which made it more complex than our normal installation.

NBC completed all the work on time which helped Luddon give over their building earlier to the client to use, exceeding their expectation and allowing the stored products to flow quicker out to those other businesses who were also waiting for their goods, which helped everyone.

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