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Bird Issues for New Construction

Birds Cause Issues for New Car Park

Construction of the car park adjacent by Laing O'Rourke to the West Midlands fire service HQ was due for completion. It was evident from site survey that pest birds had already fouled many of the floors, fixtures and fittings. As a result, and to ensure any warranties of materials stay valid, proofing work was required.

Our Solution

Pest birds have habituated to the area in large numbers and the high perching areas, city centre location and displacement caused by nearby ongoing construction projects – give pest birds everything they require in order to thrive – food, water and shelter. Nesting gulls are already a massive issue in most inner-city areas and were they to nest on site this would cause ongoing issues for the building and ultimately the customer.

Our solution was to provide a range of proofing to the leading edges of the perimeter ledges, light fixtures and roof areas of core buildings to birds using these areas.

Lee car park

Birds present a variety of risks to a business. Their presence can be a nuisance interfering with operations or attacking visitors and staff negatively effecting the experience those have with the company. They can also damage property by pecking at insulation, breaking roof lights or causing flooding the result of drains blocked with their nest debris. Perhaps the biggest risk however is that of health and safety from the serious and potentially fatal hazards associated with their droppings and feather debris.

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