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Bird Droppings Causing Health and Safety Risk

Keeping Staff Safe

Our client, a large Petro-chemical customer contacted NBC to discuss an issue with feral pigeon guano, which was fouling a large area of stored gas bottles which must be kept outside for safety reasons.

This contamination makes it very dangerous for those staff monitoring gas pressures and when changing gas bottles over. As a result, their staff were refusing to complete the checks and remove the gas bottles until the area was hygienically safe, as regular contact or exposure to dust from the guano is infectious if breathed in.

Our Solution

NBC are equipped with suitable PPE and chemicals to neutralise and clean the bottles which are being contaminated by the guano. Because of the issue with flammable gasses this area needed to be cleaned down by hand and with only pump action sprayers. NBC look to support our customers’ needs and requirements especially when there are safety concerns with the method which would be typically used such as hand washing instead of a power washer due to the flammable risk.

NBC is also working with the client with recommendations until a more suitable means can be deployed to deter the pigeons from loafing in this area.

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