Bird and rodent prevention for Aberdeen City Council

Controlling birds for Aberdeen City Council & Robertson Group Ltd

Robertson had a requirement during the planning of a building which was near Aberdeen airport to ensure the building did not attract birds to it which could affect the ventilation systems or cause a problem with birds and nearby air traffic.

Project overview

Robertson chose NBC Environment as the Pest Control business to support them with their project as we were able to support them at the planning stage.

NBC supplied two Bird Hazard Management Plans:

  1. The first aimed to prevent nesting birds holding up the programme or causing a risk to Air Safety, as a result of a bird strike during excavation or construction near the airport.
  2. The second was designed to ensure compliance on the planning application to prevent a bird strike by not attracting birds to the building and as such increase the risk of a bird strike at the adjacent Aberdeen International Airport. Also designed to ensure that the plant and ventilation systems were protected from contamination as a result of bird activity i.e. loafing, fouling, roosting and nest building.

NBC also had to ensure wildlife was protected and was balanced with the need to support operations. We provided the ecology support for the site bat survey and also installed the temporary and final positioning for the mitigation boxes. On behalf of the client we applied for all the necessary bird licenses and were onsite to support with species identification to ensure compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act.

NBC finally supported the architect team with the design of the bird proofing for the external plant, using their 3D modelling software, balancing the needs to have an effective bird deterrent barrier, whilst supporting the accessibility for maintenance of the external plant and to be unobtrusive and in keeping with the building aesthetics.

Our solution

We were able to demonstrate our capability with robust RAMS and method statements, which included the listing of all materials to be used on the installation and how and where it would be positioned. This was also to ensure our installation did not negate the building warranty.

NBC supported the client with fluctuating deadlines at short notice i.e. if temporarily delayed by weather or to progress other works which may have stopped due to wildlife activity and were on call to support day and night as well as weekends and bank holidays.

Once construction had commenced NBC provided several services:

  1. Rodent pest control for the construction site and also for the building structure as it progressed.
  2. Provision on site with ecology dogs and falconry for deterring the ground nesting birds and for the gull control
  3. Pigeon control as the building became more advanced i.e. egg and nest removal, trapping and culling feral pigeons with cages and rifles, in order to control the pigeons which would reduce the risk of contamination in work areas and on equipment or potentially causing a fire. We were also there to support with the safe cleaning and sanitising of the area if it became contaminated with feral pigeon faeces.
  4. Seasonal as well reactive bird licensing applications on going.

As the construction project neared completion, NBC carried out bird proofing the external plant areas of the building with a netting system.

We now continue to support the client Aberdeen City Council with the ongoing maintenance for the netting and the falconry bird deterrent programme and all bird licensing applications to protect Air Safety.

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