Assessing and reducing birdstrike at Stansted Airport

Monitoring and assessing bird strike risks 

The development's drainage plan required the construction of lagoons designed to collect surface water to prevent flooding and water damage to infrastructure.

The construction of the lagoons was a risk to the airport as:

  • earthworks can attract flocking birds which increases the risk of bird strike
  • when the lagoons fill the standing water will attract a number of bird species

Air safety is paramount at airports and Stansted has a bird hazard management plan to safeguard air traffic. Legislation also requires risk to be assessed and monitored within a 13km radius of an airport. This applies to newly proposed and developments as well as existing infrastructure.

Project overview

A solution was required to mitigate the risk of increased bird activity due to a development in the 13km safeguarding zone around Stansted Airport.

Our solution

Safeguarding the lagoons from birds

Having identified the risk at the planning stage our specialist birdstrike management team recommended and installed a bird proofing system to prevent bird species accessing the lagoon. Bird species we frequently deal with at this type of location include gulls, crows, jackdaws, pigeons, waterfowl and other ground nesting birds. Although an urban environment, the nature of the environment provides natural habitat and opportunity which attracts birds for breeding, feeding and roosting.

The bird proofing system involved bird netting off the 50m x 35m lagoons. The posts were installed at a low level to minimized their visual impact and the net was secured to tensioned cables to ensure the netting system remains effective.

The installed bird proofing solution will:

  • Act as a physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to birds when they approach
  • Have little or no impact on the surrounding environment or ground-based wildlife
  • Protect the lagoons in the long term as the fixings are heavy duty and rust proof
  • Provide minimal maintenance for netting installations

A net maintenance plan protects the investment and ensures the system remains effective year on year.

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