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Lee Rees - Contract Manager

We asked some questions of Lee Rees, a Contract Manager at NBC Environment. Here's what he had to say...

How long have you worked for NBC?
8 years

What was your career before NBC?
A legal representative – advising suspects at a police station

Tell me about your role within NBC and what that entails?
I am a contract manager . The ‘CM’ is the companies direct link to the decision-making customer contact. Our purpose is to engage with these people and manage the relationship in a way that reflects the company’s values and capabilities, to gain their confidence, so that they consider NBC their preferred supplier for their Pest Control needs.

What do you enjoy about working for NBC?
The way we all engage with one another, from the MD down. We are all encouraged to be involved in the companies direction and any changes are communicated so that we are all made to feel valued and included.

How would you describe the work environment?
Frantic at times but varied and interesting – You could be managing a small residential job one minute – then involved in consulting with blue chip companies on projects worth millions of pounds the next.

Tell me about the team you work with
A compact team made up of 6 staff, from all over the west midlands, from different backgrounds, of different ages – a good mix of lads who are a credit to the business.

How are your efforts recognised at NBC?
From individual financial incentives to recognition within the business via annual awards. Annual appraisals with the MD also give you the opportunity to discuss your development and reflect on the previous 12 months. These are informal and relaxed and are always designed to focus on how we can both do better.

Tell me about the training you've received at NBC?
Starting as a technician, not from the industry, I was given the training and support I needed to develop my skills. As a result, I progressed to team leader, operations manager and then onto being a contracts manager - all roles which require different skill sets. I am BPCA lev 2 qualified, iPAF, PA1/PA6, IOSH managing safely, MEWP manager trained as well as picking up lots of additional skills along the way which have benefitted both myself and the business.

How do you feel supported at NBC?
See above!

What are the career advancement opportunities like at NBC?
Like I say – I have started as a technician and progressed through the business. There are opportunities for all people, from all backgrounds, previous skills/qualifications or not – its all about finding the right people and getting the best from them.

What is the work-life balance like working for NBC?
This is always difficult, but management are empathetic to any situation and are pragmatic in their approach. They are always on hand to support you and will always work with you to ensure the right balance is struck.

What are some of the challenges you've faced working for NBC (i.e. tricky jobs with positive outcomes)?
Working with large contractors on infrastructure projects, the success of which hinges on the service we provide – the financial implications of any delays, which we are there to mitigate against, could cost millions. The pressure is intense but support is always on hand to help you deliver. 30 years on, NBC, still, have never had projects of this nature delayed as a result of following our recommendations.

What's the most interesting job you've carried out for NBC?
Managing a project which involved changing the behaviours of one of Europe’s largest seagull colonies on behalf of one of the largest retailers in the UK.

Where do you see your future with NBC?
Why would you want to see a future anywhere else

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