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George Kingsley - Wildlife Operative

We asked some questions of George Kingsley, a Wildlife Operative at NBC Environment. Here's what he had to say...

How long have you worked for NBC?
I have worked for NBC for about two and a half years.

What was your career before NBC?
Before NBC I was a student, although I had jobs whilst at uni NBC is my first proper job.

Tell me about your role within NBC and what that entails
I am currently the team leader for London. My job involves making sure the area is running smoothly. This involves a wide range of tasks from completing orders for my colleagues, scheduling work, completing work and assisting anywhere that is needed. I also work closely with the contract manager of the area in order to make sure all of our customers are happy. 

What do you enjoy about working for NBC?
What I enjoy most about working for NBC is the variety of jobs that I do with no two days being the same. Another thing that I enjoy about NBC is the people that I work with, I am very grateful to be surrounded by such a great team as it makes work much more enjoyable. 

How would you describe the work environment?
The work environment can be challenging, especially with working within London. 

Tell me about the team you work with
The people I work with at NBC are great and are one of the best things about the job for me. From the service desk to the others out on the road, everyone is very helpful and a pleasure to work with. 

How are your efforts recognised at NBC?
At NBC your efforts are recognised through commendations, which someone will put your name forward for. 

Tell me about the training you've received at NBC?
I have received a wide range of training whilst being at NBC, I have been put though my RSPH L2, IPAF and other training certificates. I have also received a lot of in house training too through training days.

How do you feel supported at NBC?
I feel very supported at NBC, there is always someone there to support me in whatever way is needed. 

What are the career advancement opportunities like at NBC?
With the company constantly growing there is opportunities for career advancement, either through the commercial or operational side of the business.

What is the work-life balance like working for NBC?
For me there is a good work-life balance and I like that I am able to decide when I start my day. 

What are some of the challenges you've faced working for NBC (i.e. tricky jobs with positive outcomes)?
The hardest challenges I have faced is tricky customers that are hard to please! Everything else I have always found there is someone who has already done it and is happy to help. 

What's the most interesting job you've carried out for NBC?
It’s not the most interesting but, one job I enjoyed was going up in a crane to close a hatch on a building to stop pigeons from getting in. 

Where do you see your future with NBC?
I am not too sure what my future holds at NBC however I feel as if I have achieved a lot in my time whilst I have been here so I can only hope that I continue to do the same. 

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